Reasons to become a referee

Reasons to become a referee

WaiBOP Football are looking to help develop more referees for our sport.

In an email to all players and clubs in the WaiBOP region, WaiBOP CEO Mark Christie has invited football followers to consider becoming a referee.

Here’s his message:

Hi everyone,
This week we are highlighting referring and referees in our region.

Refereeing is often a thankless job and yet we have a great number of people across our Federation who provide their tireless efforts every weekend to help our players enjoy the game and have a good experience.

Did you know that WaiBOP Football currently has 104 active qualified referees and so far they have covered 1,327 matches this season? We also have nineteen assessors and referee coaches who assess the referees and provide support and advice.

Refereeing is becoming very complex and involves knowing intimately all the Laws of the Game, and being able to manage players, coaches and often parents. Referees need to be super fit (meeting a stringent fitness criteria) to keep up and, of course, need to be emotionally tough!


To test your knowledge here is a Laws of the Game quiz. You should try it out. The questions are taken from a test the WaiBOP referees recently undertook. How well can you do?

There is now a full New Zealand pathway of qualifications. for those referees interested in improving themselves and going further.

Please click here to find out more about our top level referees (did you know the top three female referees in the country live in our region?) and some of the opportunities available.

If you are interested in becoming a referee or want to know more please contact Mark Hester, WaiBOP's Referee Development Manager, on mobile: 021 210 6587, email:

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Date Added: Saturday, 29th July 2017
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