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Girls Only Winter League

Girls Only Winter Leagues
Girls Only Winter Leagues

There will be the following Girls Only Leagues in 2017:
U8 Girls
U11 Girls
U13 Girls
U16 Girls - Federation

In 2018 the Girls leagues will be:
U8 Girls
U10 Girls
U12 Girls
U14 Girls
U16 Girls – Federation

We will run in-house First Kicks Girls Only 6th and 7th grade at Cambridge FC, as this was extremely successful in 2016.

The reason that WaiBOP Football have changed the band to U11 Girls for 2017 is due to the feedback received about the Pitch sizes for U10 Girls. As NZ Football have not yet made a decision on whether or not they will make changes to this pitch size for 2017, then by changing the age band to U11, this will allow girls to play 7 v 7 on the 55 x 35m pitch (same as currently used for 9th and 10th Grade Boys).

There may be concerns with the three year age band in U11 girls, however as a club it would be our intention as much as possible to have U9 Girls teams next year (moved up from our U8 Girls in 2016), and then U10/U11 Girls teams. This means the following year, they will still be able to move together as teams into the next age band. When entering teams into the leagues, clubs will be advised to let WaiBOP Football know the age make up of their girls teams, so that they can play other girls teams of similar ages.

As a club we will continue to place all girls in Girls Only teams, as per the directive from WaiBOP Football.

Based on last years’ numbers we would have enough girls for an U13 team, and we will also be promoting Girls Football via our Summer Girls Only 5-a-side, and in the Community over the next two terms. So make sure you let any girls interested in playing football know about the exciting changes.

2016 was a great year for Girls Football in our club. We had 2 x U8 Girls teams, 3 x U10 Girls teams and over 25 girls involved in our 6th and 7th Grade Girls. We had fabulous coaches, and that helped make the season a success. Thanks for being a part of it, and we look forward to seeing continued growth in girls football in our club.

If you require any further information about Girls Football for 2017, then please feel free to email

Girls Only Winter Leagues

For more information, about the Girls Framework, please click on the link below.

NZ Football Girls Junior Framework
NZ Football Girls Junior Framework (3.34mb)